High Performance Training (HPT) is a full service coaching and cycling studio targeting athletes of all fitness levels and abilities who are looking to improve performance through technique, aerobic strength and speed training.


Our multi-certified coaches use proven training principles which are highly customized to ensure our athletes extract the most value from our program and classes.


At HPT, we work with each individual athlete to maximize results within his/her given lifestyle constraints and goals.  Whether you are looking to compete or simply stay fit, we make it our mission to help our clients reach their maximum potential as athletes.




Equals Success

Coaching Philosophy

We believe that athletes flourish most when training is customized to meet realistic goals which are in balance with other life goals and commitments. Training should be a passion, not an obsession. We like to challenge our athletes to achieve their dreams through the basics of dedication, hard work and love for sport. Simply stated, there are no short-cuts to achieving athletic dreams.

Through positive reinforcement and close collaboration, we help transform our athletes into confident competitors prepared to take on races with the tools necessary to succeed. Success is not defined by winning but by performing to the highest potential.


Our training programs take a holistic and balanced approach that incorporates race specific disciplines as well as strength and speed training, mental preparation and recovery.


Our training techniques are based on accepted and proven scientific principles to bring about increases in fitness efficiently while preventing overtraining and injury.


Our focus is not only on effort but also on form and technique which often provide the quickest improvements in performance. Frequency, duration, volume and intensity are designed to achieve fitness gains in a safe and effective manner.

There are so many aspects to training that must be considered in order to achieve positive outcomes.

The Studio

The High Performance Training studio offers state-of- the-art computraining equipment to deliver a minimum 90 minutes of intense training based on power.


Our classes are specifically targeted to build aerobic strength and speed, both of which are keys to success. We always focus on proper technique from pedal stroke to body position to ensure that cyclists are building proper habits which they will take with them on the road.


Regular power testing will allow us to measure progress throughout the training season and provide us and our athletes with the necessary feedback to make training adjustments.


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