"Our success is based on your success so we will always strive to provide our athletes with the courage to believe in themselves and to trust that the effort they have put forth will take them where they want to go which may very well be farther than they had ever imagined."


Group Cycling Training

Group cycling sessions provide a non-competitive yet highly charged atmosphere for athletes to receive goal-specific training. Each class is targeted to achieve specific results as coaches help athletes improve form as well as fitness. 


Regular testing provides athletes and coaches with critical feedback on how the athlete is improving and data results are used to customize all training session.


Athletes of all abilities can ride together because each will be provided his/her own specific targets and may even receive a tailored workout within the class based on individual needs, goals or race schedules.


Group sessions allow athletes to motivate each other and provide a social atmosphere which is still focused on delivering results.  Group sessions run 60 or 90 minutes on weekdays and 2 hours on the weekends.



60 min session

$25 per single class


90 min session

$35 per single class


2 hour session

$45 per single class


*prices do not include tax

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Private Coaching and Testing

One-on-one private training sessions enable the coaches to focus on the needs of an individual athlete.   Athletes can work closely with Coaches Julio or Noga in the Westchester area or Amy in upstate NY to determine the goals of the session in cycling, running or swimming.


Private cycling sessions can include a functional threshold test, a spin scan or a customized interval workout.  These sessions are tailored to the athlete’s specific fitness level and training goals and run a minimum of 60 minutes.


Running sessions are usually conducted outside of the studio at an outdoor track while swim training will require finding accessible pool lanes at the local Y's or sports clubs.


Send an email to highperformanceny@gmail.com to schedule.



$100 per hour







Custom Training Plans

HPT coaches use Training Peaks to design highly customized training plans for individual athletes for triathlons and/or running races.  Programs are written weekly, rather than monthly, because coaches are careful to progress an athlete based on actual work accomplished, not on assumptions about what training has been completed.  We never use general plans across the board for athletes as each individual will have their own time constraints and goals.  Plans must be paid quarterly in 3 month installments.



$250 per month


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Bike Fitting

Your body has its own unique proportions and it fits your bike uniquely. The length of your torso, the positioning of your back, neck and knees, the way you bend when you ride are all key elements in designing the perfect fit.


Ensuring you have the proper saddle height, ideal leg and knee extension positioning, and a comfortable handlebar reach just scratches the surface on key fitting elements. Some cyclists may have fit needs that go beyond sizing.


For example, an athlete seeking higher performance and greater power transfer, a recreational rider experiencing pain or numbness while cycling, or a cyclist needing to address and adjust their position to relieve pre-existing injuries will each require different adjustments.


Whether you are riding for fitness or racing, riding a bike should be fun and comfortable.  A proper bike fitting should eliminate any discomfort while riding.


Fitting appointments take 60 – 90 minutes and must be booked in person or over the phone.



$150 for a Road Bike

$200 for a TT Bike



Bike Storage

Bike Storage:

We offer a secure, accessible and convenient space for your bike so you don’t have to continually transport your bike to class.  Keep your bike safe and sound at HPT.


Monthly rate starts the first day your bike is stored.

Price: $50 per month

FREE with custom training plans




email highperformanceny@gmail.com for further information


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