About Amy Farrell


Amy Farrell is an elite age group triathlete and former professional who is on pace to finish the 2013 season ranked in the top 5 in her age group by the USA Triathlon Organization. Amy began training with HPT 2 years ago after an 11 year hiatus from the sport. She is a Physical Education Teacher in Tupper Lake, NY where she lives with her husband and daughter. She is also the running coach at her local high school.


"When I gave Coach Julio German 4 weeks to prep me for Ironman Rhode Island 70.3 in 2012, I knew triathlon training would never be the same for me. After an 11 year hiatus from Ironman, I expressed my desire to qualify for Kona and immediately knew Coach Julio could help me reach my goal."

"Despite racing as a pro in my 20s, I have never prepared so thoroughly for a race in my life! I went into each race this season feeling so ready that my usual pre-race nerves were minimal.  

I not only qualified for Kona, but I went beyond my expectations to finish 4th in my age group with a time of 9:50. "


"With the help of High Performance Training I was able to reach my potential and I love how my body responded to this Ironman training program -thank you Coach Julio and HPT!"




2013 Highlights:

    Top Amateur Female Overall:  Ironman 70.3 Eagleman  (PR)

    Top Amateur Female Overall: Ironman 70.3 Timberman  (PR)

    4th Place in AG: Ironman World Championships  (PR)

    Top Amatuer Female Overall: Fronhofer Tool Triathlon


About Mary George


Mary George is an Age Group triathlete who consistently places in the top 10% of her age group. When she began with us, she had never competed in a triathlon but she is now a regular on the scene of sprint and Olympic distance races.  HPT customizes Mary’s training plans and she trains with HPT in all 3 disciplines. Mary is an active volunteer in the community, a mother of 3 and an entrepreneur.


“High Performance Training has proven invaluable to my training. I have been fortunate to work with them on the track and in cycling classes.


I appreciate that the workouts are specific to me, to make me as an athlete, stronger, faster and mentally tougher.


They push you beyond where you think you can go and believe in you. I would not trust my training to anyone else.”




2013 Highlights:

   5th Place in AG:  Jarden Westchester Triathlon  (PR)

About Jenn Zopp

Jenn is a world class triathlete placing 7th in her age group at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships and earning her Kona slot with a 9:43 finish at Ironman Florida 2013 where she placed 2nd in her age group. Jenn began training with HPT over a year ago and has quickly climbed the ranks as an Age Group All-American.  She is a 7th grade Biology teacher as well as an assistant coach to Bronxville High School girls XC, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field.


"I never thought I would be able to seriously run or compete again after injuries side-lined me for months.


Julio not only gave me workouts that were curtailed to my goals and my personal biomechanics, but more importantly, he gave me the confidence to excel, and he was able to push me in ways I never dreamed possible.


I am in the best shape of my life not only because of his knowledge and expertise in developing training plans, but also because of his patience and care to my specific needs."




2013 Highlights:

    3rd Female Overall: Ironman 70.3 Syracuse (PR)

    2nd Place in AG: Ironman Florida (PR)

    7th Place in AG: Ironman World Championships 70.3

About Tara Allen


Tara has been training with HPT for 18 months.  While she began as an accomplished runner, she has continued to make marked improvements thanks to adjustments in form and strategic changes to her training regimen.  Tara won the female masters division of the Harrisburg Marathon in 2012 with a PR of 3:10.  She is a high school Spanish teacher and a mother of 2.


I’ve  been training with Julio for 18 months and not only have I had personal bests in every event from the 5k through the marathon, I have learned how to be a more efficient runner.


I trust Julio’s knowledge, his expertise and his devotion to coaching.  What sets Julio apart is that he is focused on the whole person, not just the athlete.


He understands that I have a full time job, a husband and two small children and that sometimes workouts need to be adjusted.


Julio is a true professional in every way; always available to answer a phone call or monitor a track workout.  I owe it to him to do my best each and every day for all that he does for me.




2012/13 Highlights:

   Winner Female Masters: Harrisburg Marathon  (21 min PR)

   2nd Place Female:  Greenwich Half Marathon  (7 min PR)


About Adam Gibbs


Adam began running with Julio in 2012.  He was looking to improve both speed and endurance.   Thanks to Julio's customized training plan and weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) track session, Adam was able to achieve his goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon with 2 marathon PR's first in April and then again in November.   Adam continues to train with HPT and continues to shatter his personal records at every race in which he competes.  He owns his own business and is the father of 3 young children, two of whom run for High Performance Track Club.



"Julio is the best! He is knowledgeable, patient and has made running fun and challenging. He has been a tremendous teacher and coach and I feel lucky to have met him.


Noga and Julio both teach and inspire. They are the consummate professionals and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to improve their running and/or cycling.


They even figured out how to get my kids to love running!”




2013 Highlights:

   Completed Boston MR (20 min PR)

   NYC Marathon PR - Boston Qualifying time wit 13 min PR


About Kristina Dorfman

Kristina Dorfman is an elite amateur triathlete who has placed in the top 5 overall female finishers of the Jarden Westchester Triathlon for 2 years in a row.  When she started with High Performance 3 years ago, she didn’t even know how to use her gears.  She swims, bikes and runs with HPT.  Kristina is a mother of 3 and active volunteer in her community.


“Training with High Performance took me to an entirely new awareness of my abilities.  The coaches are amazing, personable and really understood the goals I had and were realistic with the time I could dedicate to reach my goals.


Additionally, HPT cycling classes took me to an entirely different level of fitness.  I learned the fundamentals of cycling and the workouts built up my confidence as well as my strength, endurance and speed.  It really is a tailored workout in a fun group setting with a wide variety of people (personalities, goals, abilities).”




2013 Highlights:

    3rd Place Female Overall:  Jarden Westchester Triathlon  (PR)



About Sergai Delamora


Sergai Delamora is a 5-time Ironman Finisher who has been training with Julio for 2 years.  During that time, Sergai has had his best performances in all triathlon distances as well as  the half-marathon and marathon distances.  Sergai is a dedicated athlete with a great attitude and outlook.  While Julio is his coach, he often trains with Noga so they can pace each other in cycling and running.  Sergai is an accomplished Orthopedic Surgeon whose wife is also an Ironman and whose 2 children are triathletes themselves.



"I began working with Coach Julio when I was training for my 4th Ironman in 2012. Having such a talented and dedicated coach made such a difference in my results. With his careful and proven approach, I got in the best shape of my life and earned a personal best by 23 minutes in the Ironman. This fall Coach Julio paced me to a personal best by over 14 minutes in the NYC marathon. Both Noga and Julio make an effort to connect with their athletes on a personal level which makes training so much more customized as well as enjoyable."




2013 Highlights:

   NYC Marathon (14 min PR)

   Completed Inaugural Ironman Lake Tahoe

About Julie McGuire


Julie came to HPT after registering for her first triathlon.  She was new to swimming and

cycling but quickly became adept at both.  She competed in her first race in July of 2013 and

not only conquered the open water but also cycled and ran her way to an impressive finish.  She

continues to train hard for the next season while also teaching and running Boot Camp by the Beach in Rye Brook, NY.  In addition, Julie is a devoted wife and busy mother of two young children.


“I feel very fortunate to have met Noga who has inspired me and made me



Being a 41-year-old non-swimmer I decided 2013 was the year to tackle my

goal of learning to swim and completing my first triathlon. Much easier said than done!


From my very first session with Noga, I knew that I was in the best hands. She

made every effort to keep me calm, comfortable and confident in the water.

She delicately helped me manage my initial panic and frustration but don’t get

 me wrong she was never easy on me!


She pushed hard and had me breathing correctly and swimming laps within just a few short weeks. She helped me to overcome the mental blocks and always had a reassuring smile on her face. Noga is compassionate and truly committed to her athletes. I enjoyed having the opportunity to train with her other athletes who were extremely supportive...not to mention a lot of fun!


As I stood nervously at the shoreline waiting to start my first triathlon I looked over to Noga, who gave me her reassuring smile and I knew I was good to go! I will always remember approaching that finish line with Noga waiting with a huge smile on her face.


I was thrilled beyond words to achieve this goal and incredibly grateful to Noga for not only preparing me so well but for making it such a positive experience for me. She is one of the most inspiring people I know and I’m lucky to call her my coach and my friend.”



2013 Highlights:

   Completed first triathlon:  Mossman Sprint Triathlon

   Completed 2nd triathlon:  Sandy Hook



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